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Interior Control of the Poisson Equation with the Conjugate Gradient Method in OpenFOAM

Authors: - 03 July 2018

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In this work we solve the optimal control problem

where is the control variable, the state variable and a target function. The minimization problem is subject to the elliptic partial differential equation

In order to use the conjugate gradient method, the state variable is separated in two terms as

where solves the state equation with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions,

and is the control-free solution to the state equation,

With the above separation of the state variable, the cost functional can be expressed as

We define a linear operator

and its adjoint

with solution to

The directional derivative of the cost function then reads as

After having identified and we can use the conjugate gradient method to reach the optimal control faster.

Getting Started

The solver must be compiled in the terminal. It is advisable to first clean previous compilations with


and then use



OpenFOAM C++ library must be installed in order to compile the code.

The OpenFOAM distribution provided by the OpenFOAM Foundation was used.

Running a Case

In order to run the solver move to the case folder poissonCGAdjoinFoamCase and type in the command line



The poissonCGAdjointFoam solver has been tested in a square domain with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions and . The target function is .


It might be needed to use

sed -i -e 's/\r$//' filename


chmod +x filename

in order to be able to execute



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