First Steps

Here you will find the first tutorials to understand the basic concepts of DyCon Toolbox.
ODE Problems
DyCon toolbox uses object-oriented programming. That is why an ODE class has been defined. This allows to generalize other problems. Continue with our tutorials.
First Example of ODE class

In this example, we present the use of class ‘ode’

Runge Kutta Methods for class ODE

In this example, we solve the class 'ode' using various numerical methods.

Optimal Control Problems
DyCon Toolbox allows to solve problems of optimal control of type $$ \min_{u \in \Omega} [ \Psi(Y(T),t) + \int_0^T L(Y,U,t)dt]$$ This has a very friendly interface. Simply by writing the control problem in symbolic variables. Next we will show you how to do it.
First Example of Optimal Control Problems

In this tutorial, we define a solve a optimal control problems.